Wearing Ruffwear the right way!

E9532FC0-5F58-479C-BC39-B3D40D957944If you haven’t already noticed by now I own a lot of apparel for the dogs. You name it, I probably own it! One of my favourite bits of kit are the dogs harnesses, and in particular their Ruffwear harnesses ,we have 5,including 3 of the front rangers, a webmaster and a single track pack. 6167AF01-8F3F-4920-84B7-F45265849B5DThe majority of the walks we go on are across a range of terrains from rocky scrambles to crossing rivers which can sometimes become a little tricky for our four legged friends. In these instances having the harnesses on means I can help the dogs tackle any obstacle.453B16B5-8A11-4E4F-97CD-EA27584622E4The harnesses are essential in helping me help them when it’s needed .The smaller dogs in particular will be picked up to help them over the larger boulders and the handle of the larger harnesses means I can support Sascha (the big dog)when needed. 10C1C7D8-08EC-4752-9EBC-833DF531B2CBI have never been disappointed with any of my purchases from them, they are extremely well made, fit the dogs perfectly  and do the job with the added bonus of looking good 🙂 0043C316-E9CB-400D-8350-4142E11819B0if you are interested in purchasing anything, here’s the website http://www.ruffwear.co.uk however there are a lot of stockist across the uk 🙂

Give your dog the chance to run off trail

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