Making Spa days fun

D55058C5-7A18-4076-949F-A16D9503A8E0We like to start with a good mud bath. I like to take the dogs for a good walk first it’s a great way to tire them out. If I’m going to clean them, they might as well get muddy first and it tires them out too. 6E7D75DB-7AEC-484D-AC0E-582F70E2E8B5The next step is the dreaded bath. A fun way to get your dog happier about bath time is lots of yummy treats, making the whole experience more fun. I try not to bath the dogs too often as the shampoos can damage the natural oils that keep their coats healthy.  They do however get showered off far more frequently as they love playing in the mud.

dog towel coats

The dogs then wear their towelling coats to dry off or I occasionally use the hair dryer on the cool setting to dry them off. B88A6D5B-7DE3-47FE-AD2B-FE49CCEDB204Once they are completely dry it’s time for a good brush. Each coat type is different. For my terriers I like to use a comb it works really with their coarse hair. Whereas my shepherd has a double coat so i use the slicker and the furminatur to remove the loose undercoat. I have accustomed the dogs to grooming from puppyhood so they all tend to fall asleep at this point.0CFEFED5-B2AE-41B0-86D2-EB346FF7C56DNext is cleaning the ears. I pour a small amount of ear cleaner in each ear then massage at the base of the ear to loosen the wax and dirt, then use a clean swab to wipe the outer ear of all the muck. You should never go right into the ear, same rules as for ourselves.

Pedicure time. Then for the nails, I use the clippers first to remove the bulk then use the dremel to neaten and remove any sharp edges. Lastly I use paw balm to moisturise and strengthen the pads.  199BB40D-E51C-43ED-91D7-B7A5A9AF0414Now all that is left to do is show off! 😎

Give your dog the chance to run off trail

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