Winter Workouts

C8EAA184-4009-40BC-8B8F-1C8B38D8C0B2When you decide to welcome a dog into your life, you are making a life long comitment to care for them 365 days a year for as many years as we are lucky enough to have them.  They need food, water, physical daily exercise and love, but just as important is there mental health.AE21A7BF-BE4C-4B16-BD06-64AFE104D1A3Winter when the cold dark nights are here and walks get shorter is a great time to tire your pooch with mental stimulation games. There are loads of options on the market, Kongs are great for making your pup work for their meals or filling with some yummy treats. In the summer months I like to stuff them and freeze as a nice cooling treat.80DE9B5B-0B58-4959-B52A-8EA0E91F91F0There are lots of interaction toys where your dog has to move piece to find the hidden goodies. Another favourite brain game of ours is to hide treats around the house or garden for them to sniff out and find. 9F4CF85B-3553-4E44-9CE8-CAEC9EAE9D61Winter is also a great time to work on your training whether it’s brushing up on the basics or training new tricks. I am currently working on all the basics (sit, down, wait, recall) with Todd, he hasn’t been with us long. Bobby is learning Spin and crawl. Sacha is learning hold and sitting pretty.

Happy training 🐶😁07B3EBB6-253F-44E9-B2D6-20BD6CC7237AGive your dog the chance to run off trail

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