Something smells good…

B4A8D176-6C82-4255-8E6C-204BBCCD2E4AI like to make the dogs home made treats for two reasons, one i like knowing what’s in them and two it’s really fun and easy and three the dogs love them.  I’m yet to meet a dog that doesn’t like the Salmon Cake Bites. 5DB27139-3308-4472-B31F-E888F19CA7FFThere are only three ingredients needed to make your pooch a delicious batch of the Salmon cake bites; two cups self raising flour, two eggs and 400g wild pink salmon.C339BF85-D51D-4CB3-86E2-8B284A44C97FPre heat the oven on gas mark 4. Start by measuring out the flour into a large mixing bowl. Next crack the eggs straight into the bowl and mix.  7BEABBC7-2C18-438F-B069-071C89E76E29The Salmon comes with some bones in it so I like to pick these out in a separate bowl before adding to the other ingredients. Once it’s all in the bowl give it a good mix until it’s a dough like consistency. 79DFC4D0-A446-4C3B-BB0B-01F4C1C8E6C3Transfer the mixture to a cake tin and place in the oven on the middle shelf for 30 minutes. Leave to cool before cutting into nice bite size pieces. 8C38374A-AD04-4728-8359-F2813D9A4D6FHope your pup loves these yummy treats as much as mine do. They are great training reward treats. 😁692137EE-6C45-43C3-A48D-C391AB2E1BC1

Give your dog the chance to run off trail

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