What’s in the bag?

02635026-E3BA-43C0-809E-D896C62DF348A big part of the moorland appeal for me, is the remoteness of it. I love looking across the landscape and seeing nothing but beautiful nature.34A801AF-90FA-4E14-9A8E-09A9500C4651However being away from it all, means that you need to be prepared. There is no  guarantee that someone will be there to help should you need it, which is why I always carry a bag of essentials for the dogs.E8DB7362-225A-47F1-A439-7F8B31977B78One of the most important things is fresh water and a bowl for them to drink from. Dogs will drink from puddles and streams, but it’s always best to have clean fresh water with you to offer them.720D8A7B-B632-4F74-AA2E-768BFB23CE18I’m sure if you asked the dogs, treats would be at the top of their list of priorities. Not only are they great for rewarding good behaviour, they are also a perfect snack, especially when you are out for a few hours at a time like us, it’s a great energy boost for them.AFD40604-59A6-47A3-9EC0-94CA25C1EE03In the bag i also have a pet first aid kit, which I have added extra bits to. There is hand sanitizer and gloves, sterilised water for cleaning, then basic dressing material, a tick remover, tweezers and a pair of scissors. The idea being that, should anything happen, I can clean and dress the wound until I can get to a veterinary practise. 737D3462-F98F-4399-8539-F7DBFDD7680COther essentials include poo bags, extra lights for the dogs collars, in case it gets foggy or dark and a spare long line. There is a selection of toys but they never stay in the bag for long.F6765AEF-60B9-47F5-A105-F50395203E9CThanks  for reading 😊

Give your dog the chance to run off trail

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