Keeping the house clean without stopping the fun


For the surrounding hills to be as beautiful as they are, it takes a lot of rain,which means lots of mud and puddles for our pups to play in. This is all fun and games until it’s time to go home.D83F1F9A-B5B8-4720-A427-8338929DDA9A

I’m sure we all know what it’s like when the dog shakes all over your lovely clean kitchen, then just as you’ve got it all clean again it’s time for another walk.94036878-0BF8-4D45-B643-73B70BD3E0E3

Having three dogs and not wanting to drive my Mum completely mad, I bought them all towelling coats. I have had the coats four years now and  can safely say they are one of my  best purchases, especially for mud magnets like mine.8CD888FB-613A-4AE3-B098-BF9DCB3A1936

The towelling coats are put on at the end of the walk ,really easy fitting slipping over their heads and secured with a velcro fastening belt. The dogs are almost dry by the time we get home and of course warm after their playtime.80F7AEB0-2EE4-4C4C-894F-CD30EFAD1F56

I bought mine from a company called ‘Smiths country pursuits’ but there are loads of companies out there that do similar products; ruff and tumble, siccaro, dogrobes to name just a few.

Give your dogs the chance to run off trail

1 thought on “Keeping the house clean without stopping the fun

  1. All Around Adventures January 18, 2018 — 7:27 pm

    Those robes are genius! I just might have to buy some and see if we can get them to be sold in our retail shop!! – Hope one of them will sell to the US!

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